1 Mayıs 2019 Çarşamba

twin flame. (ii)

Time doesn't pass on without you. 
I searched about how can I contact to died people on the internet for the first time in my life.
I know you like this word.
Literally, I searched.

When I lie down on my bed against the morning, I called your soul.
I said, let me feel you.
Then you touched my right upper leg.
I said, let me feel you, again.
You touched near my right kneecap.
And again, when I said, let me feel you...
Then you touched my left arm.
I felt you.
And I smiled.

I felt that your soul covered my body.
Your soul hugged me.
I whispered to infinite space that I love you.

On my deepest sleep, I saw you as a light.
First, green colored light...
Then blue colored...
I was a different colored light too.
You blinked sometimes.
You were soaring into the air and dancing with my light.
Our souls were so happy with together.
I kissed you again and again.
I slept with you.

My heart, my soul and my mind belong to you.