24 Mayıs 2019 Cuma

twin flame vii.

I've been trying to put together all the pieces in my life. They are signs. Yes, I've just known that.
There isn't any possibility to everything is complicated that much in the universe. And everything is connected with together.
I was so blind. Each time you used to show me, but I didn't use to be able to see that. I had to figure out it with myself. And I did. If you could see that, you were proud of me. Though you were always proud of me. Which me? I'm in me, am I?
This is my mind. And this is my soul. Also, my heart belongs to you for good and all.
Still, I'm telling you everything in our cave. Sometimes I'm yelling. Sometimes I'm crying. I'm hugging you and kissing you.
I missed you too much that I couldn't explain that. I'm sleeping with your smell every night. Even so, I'm not sad. Because I've already known that you will be my lantern till I will be what I must to be.
Rest in peace.